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860 - Saxon

We bought a Shearwater 8.6 cabin rib in 2008. It has been a fantastic boat for us, and we remain delighted with it. The key thing for us is versatility, as we enjoy a range of activities on the water. A typical weekend will see us wakeboarding, for which the Shearwater is excellent; lots of power, manoeuvrable, safe and comfortable. Then we will head off to the Isle of Wight and spend Saturday night there, sleeping on board. The cabin is basic, but perfectly adequate. We have also done much longer trips, including crossing over to France, again sleeping on board. As to seaworthiness, we have been out in a Force 6, gusting 7, and the Shearwater coped with no problems. I have also been very impressed with the back up from Bembridge; they are always very professional and helpful

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