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Sue McLagan – and our Shearwater Venture

….. back in the 1960’s my father bought our first family speedboat from Arthur – a ‘Fletcher with a 65 hp Mercury’ – the family tradition has gone on and now, after Shetlands, Fletchers and Ring Ribs – nearly 50 years later Bembridge owerboat Training Ltd owns the first 10 metrer Shearwater Venture that Bembridge Marine designed and built, all in Bembridge.

Sooty Shearwater remains based in Bembridge and is used for both Charter and Training (RYA and specialist courses) – over the last year we’ve clocked up 500 hours, so now is pretty well ‘tried and tested’. We have a 315 hp Yanmar engine with a Bravo 3X leg, this is a well known commercial engine setup with the duoprop leg giving good manoeuvrability in confined spaces and a top speed of approx. 40 knots. The rib is fitted with some pretty fancy electronics including a Raymarine E120 GPS/plotter with an AIS transponder and Icom M505 VHF/DSC with Commandmic – not to forget the Sony CDX Radio ‘and does everything player’!

The Shearwater Venture is a great rib for charter with the dry storage of all that clobber that charterers want to bring out for the day in the cabin – it’s easy. In addition we use Sooty for instructing, particularly the Super yacht Crews as it gives them experience on something similar to what they will be expected to skipper from the Superyacht – the normal 4.5 m PBL2 Instructors rib with 40 hp outboard may teach them the theory and give them the ticket – but gives no idea of what they will actually be expected to use!

We are very pleased with this Shearwater, giving us what we need for Charters – at the last minute we were asked by the organisers to provide a boat for some of the Press photographers on the Round the Island Race 2012, when told it was a Rib, there were moans – the kit gets wet, it’s bumpy, etc. These photographers and organisers were however so impressed with the Venture that we

have been booked again for 2013 ‘by choice’. The 10 metre length gives a smooth ride in all but the worst Solent ‘chop’ and the cabin and helm provide protection from spray and storage for the extra kit. We have undertaken a number of family charters, including donutting, fishing and skiing and

indeed wakeboarding – the wake is brilliant, however Sooty needs a pole for serious wakeboarding to give height to the tow line. At night as well as normal nav. lights and interior lights this rib comes with deck lights great for embarking and disembarking after an evening out!

Sooty can be chartered through ourselves, Bembridge Powerboat Training ( and yes, you can drive, but there will be an overall skipper on board who is responsible at all times cos its a great boat! She is also available for demonstrations by arrangement through Shearwater Ribs Bembridge Marine.



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