MBY Reader test day comments:- Matt Lord 'It was a pleasure to meet on Saturday. Saturday was a real eye opener for me as some of the boats that I expected to really like, I felt let me down and others that I was lukewarm on (shearwater being one) absolutely blew me away on the sea trial. Whilst I am not yet in the market for an 8.9m RIB (5.8 6m) is my target currently, Shearwater is a name that I will mention to those I know who are considering a big rib purchase' Howard 'Thanks for your time and the sea trial this weekend just gone. I was very impressed with the 890. As you know, we know a little about ribs and was very impressed with the performance and ride offered. When I get back I will start putting some positive comments online about the boat. Thanks again for the sea trial, great boat that deserves to do very well!'